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Latin Lyric Diction Workbook cover


The Latin Lyric Diction Workbook was created from the lyrics of sacred choral texts. Words were organized in order of frequency of occurrence. The most frequently occurring words are short in length and appear in the enunciation exercises. Other commonly occurring lyric words are introduced in graded order and categorized according to Latin speech sounds as defined by the International Phonetic Alphabet. A study of articulatory phonetics is provided. It includes consonant and vowel charts for student application and definition of terms.

Consecutive units highlight specified sets of symbols by providing transcribed choral texts, enunciation instructions, enunciation exercises, rules for transcription, group assignments, and individually assigned word lists. Units progress in cumulative order culminating with a comprehensive assignment that tests students’ reading and transcription skills.

A review of transcription rules, comprehensive assignment, and instructions for the sung application of transcribed texts are provided in the appendices. Units 1 through 5 highlight Liturgical Latin pronunciation and transcription, and Units 6 and 7 cover Germanic Latin pronunciation and transcription. There is also a discussion of the history and usage of Germanic Latin along with transcriptions of selected texts.

The Lyric Diction Workbook Series was created to make the lyric languages accessible to singers. Familiarity is gained as numerous words are encountered. The series was designed to make grading easier for instructors. Accurate transcription and proficiency of memorized rules is assessed through in-class enunciation. The Latin Lyric Diction Workbook introduces singers to the language through transcription and enunciation of a rich lyric vocabulary. It functions consecutively within our series of workbooks created for diction courses.

Book Reviews

Latin Lyric Diction Workbook
STM Publishers, 2016

 Thorough and well organized.

                      The Journal of Singing


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