Matthew Hoch Scholarship
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Matthew Hoch


Opera Knowledge cards

What do you know about Opera?
A Quiz Deck by Matthew Hoch

“A magical flute, a ring forged by a dwarf, and a consumptive seamstress—such are the everyday ingredients of opera. To transmute such material into great art, the masters of the medium—composers, librettists, and singers—fold ripe melodies around dramatic action. The results will endure as long as beauty is adored. Dip into this card-based compendium of opera lore and you’ll emerge well-versed. For all those who’ve ever wondered what bel canto, high C’s, and da capo were all about, this deck’s for you. And once he’s introduced the greatest of operas and operatic composers, Matthew Hoch points the way to a deeper understanding with reading, listening, and viewing suggestions. These 48 cards, questions on one side and answers on the other, shine a dazzling spotlight on the most passionate of the arts.”


Country Music Quiz Deck

What do you know about Country Music?
A Quiz Deck by Matthew Hoch

“From the cinematic age of singing cowboys to modern-day American anthems, this quiz deck of 48 cards is a pocket-sized tour of country music lore. The front of each card issues a challenge: for example, name the best-selling country album of all time, or match the band with its bandleader. On the flip side, you’ll find an answer, complete with a tip of the hat to trivia and notoriety. And if Number One hits, dance crazes, plane crashes, marriages, and d-i-v-o-r-c-e ain’t enough for you, music professor Matthew Hoch provides listening and viewing suggestions that range from Western swing to honkytonk to bluegrass. You’ll sample duets and drinkin’ songs by playboys, doughboys, and outlaws as you travel from Clinch Mountain to Tupelo. But don’t just settle back in the saddle and follow along. Each turn in the trail brings another question: quick—who is known as the hillbilly Shakespeare?”




© 2015 Matthew Hoch